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2005 Youth Activities

The youth had an active and wonderful year, which consisted of various events that were organized by the youth leaders, Mayble Malathusseril, Kevin Alummoottil, and Joshua Perincheril.

The year 2005 kicked off with a valiant effort by the youth in raising money for the Tsunami disaster that occurred in Southeast Asia. With the help of several parents and the Achen, the youth were guided in collecting monetary donations for the Tsunami survivors. They accumulated around $6,000, which was sent to our beloved Thirumeni for him to present, along with money from the other North American churches, to the various disaster relief organizations. We received a letter of appreciation from our Thirumeni for the hard work and diligence of our church.

Upon hearing of the Hurricane Katrina and Rita disaster in southern United States, the youth and the church united together to collect money to help the survivors. For 2-3 weeks, the youth members collected donations that totaled to $2,000. This money was offered as a check to two venerable Red Cross officials who greeted the check with gratitude. A few weeks later, they sent us a letter conveying their thanks.

The youth and adults prepared extensively for the convention and were rewarded with several trophies including the boys’ basketball victory, the procession win, and the spelling bee success. Our church won a trophy for the best overall competing church at the convention.

During August, the youth coordinated a picnic at Leonia Park. The spring day was enjoyable with activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, and a water balloon fight. They had delicious food prepared by Teena Lahayil, Chinnu Panavelil, and Ashley Vadakkemannil. The youth appreciated the help of Jithin Nelpurayil, Vivin Kadavil, and Vinod Elappunkal for setting up the picnic area and Raju Uncle for his grill, assistance and suggestions. In addition, they would like to thank the church and Achen for helping with the costs by giving them $150.

On November 26, 2005, under the direction of the Sunday School teachers, the youth had a day of activities. The day included songs, projects, teamwork, and a visit to Chestnut Hill Nursing Home where they joyously sang for the elderly. In addition, a bowling trip to Garden Palace Lanes was arranged before the Thanksgiving program. It was a great day for the youth to have fun together.

A cheesecake auction was held as a fundraiser with the assistance of Susan Aunty, Shaju Uncle, Liya Manimalethu, and Berly Kunnirickal. After several bids, the cake was won by Tiby chachen and Tessy chachy and the youth raised $80.

Our church hosted a couple NAKYO meetings this past year. These events were interesting for both the parents and the youth. In the last meeting, new NAKYO officers were elected with two from this church. They are co-president Kevin Alummoottil and secretary Mayble Malathusseril. We wish these officers success in the coming year.

Finally, the youth would like to thank all those who helped them this year, especially the Sunday School teachers and Achen. They appreciate the continuous assistance of the parents as well. This was a successful year and we hope to have many more.


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